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This common sales technique draws the party into the conversation by making a statement that begs questions and makes the listener curious. Once pulled into the conversation, other tactics can be deployed.


Negotiator 1: “So what do you do?” Negotiator 2: “I keep people out of jail.” Negotiator 1: “How do you do that?” Negotiator 2: “I am a Certified Public Accountant. The number of criminalized reporting activities has increased to historical highs in the last two decades; financial fraud is a felony as is tax evasion, so by keeping true and accurate books, I keep my clients out of jail.”


You can play along if you wish, or diffuse the outlandish intro by stating your requirement. Consider, “I need a bookkeeper, not a master of hyperbole. Felonies are intentional crimes, so you do not add value to me in that way. I just need a simple bookkeeper.”

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