Myers-Briggs Diagnostics

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Myers-Briggs diagnostics may be used as informal (at-table) attempts to determine one’s “personality type” in order to glean advantage or target a weak negotiator on the opposition team. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® includes four aspects of personality described by McCauley, each with two possible options[xiii]. Apply the following to the negotiation context:
  1. Attitude Extroversion (E): Seeks engagement with the environment, values external events observed in negotiations. Introversion (I): Seeks engagement with the interior, values concepts and ideas to explain observations in negotiation
  2. Perception Sensing (S): Engaged in what is real, immediate, practical, and observed by the senses during a negotiation. Intuition (N): Engaged in future possibilities, implicit meanings, and symbolic or theoretical patterns.
  3. Judgment Thinking (T): Makes rational decisions through a process of analysis of causes and effects. Feeling (F): Makes rational decisions by weighing relative importance or value of competing alternatives.
  4. Orientation Judging (J): Enjoys organizing, planning, and moving quickly to a decision, a “closer.” Perceiving (P): Enjoys being open to changes, preferring to keep options open in case something better turns up.
These possibilities result in sixteen distinct personality types in a four-by-four matrix. This matrix may be used at-table to get a fix on the opposition and deal more effectively with the team. ISTJ,ISFJ,INFJ,INTJ,ISTP,ISTP,ISFP,INFP,INTP,ESTP,ESFP,ENFP,ENTP,ESTJ,ESFJ,EFJ,ENTJ.


For example, if you believe that someone is an INTJ, you may expect that they will like objective evidence, make bright line judgments, and be wary of crowds. Stereotyping is a dangerous game, and this tactic should not be too heavily replied upon.


This is a type preference, not an absolute diagnostic. Time, place, and manner impact the preference. To counter this tactic, scan all over the M-B matrix or “act” a part other than your type. This is deceptive, but it prevents you from being read.

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