Precondition to Negotiate Object of Transaction

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This is a process negotiation tactic that attempts to hamper the object of the dispute by pulling in unrelated issues as preconditions. This is a very common strategy among those who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder: if it is not a problem for them, then it is not a problem. It also can be a control or manipulation issue with SNS practitioners.


Examples include delegates from Vietnam refusing to meet for negotiations until they had received concessions on the shape of the negotiating tables[1], or one party in a custody battle saying, “I will not meet to discuss custody unless you pay for my hotel and airfare.”


To handle this tactic, discuss the process. If it is a small concession, do it. If a new precondition appears, walk. Reconvene later to give parties time to think. If this tactic is a stall or a signal of non-interest, it will be revealed in time. No negotiation will happen unless the parties want it to happen, and no negotiation will close before its time.

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