As an attorney with 30+ years, I’ve done thousands of deals and disputes. Seen folks lose and make millions of dollars. Been the cool head at a table of high risk and higher reward, should the pieces fall in just so.

And then there are the managers who can’t get their team all on the same page. Folks who need a new car, but are afraid to go buy one because they don’t know how to haggle. Procurement professionals who want to improve the value they generate for their companies but aren’t sure how.

Enter The Persuasion Lab. I’ve got an obsession with math, a heavy interest in game theory, and a wild hair about negotiation being something absolutely anyone can do. Reliably. Successfully. And, within their integrity.

While I’m a lawyer by trade, I’m not a bully. Strong arming folks to bend to my will is not the name of my game. However, I do know how to get the needs of my clients met. That’s all negotiation is, after all. A way of communicating your needs to the world so that they can be met. Maybe even exceeded!

You can use The Persuasion Lab as a member – simply input your data and get a customized checklist of what needs to be done to prepare for your negotiation.

Or, if you’re wanting to avoid the sweat stains and elevated pulse, hire me as your blocker – I’ll do the heavy lifting on your behalf.

Whatever you decide, The Persuasion Lab is here to help you make money, minimize loss, and get your needs met — as your guide, I’ll show you how.


Years of Experienced

~ Martin Medeiros