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At some point, all negotiators realize that differentiating your situation is vital for countering many other tactics, especially those in the Authority Tactics Group. It is essential to explain how your facts do not fit what is on the table.


Consider someone in the service industry who is negotiating over the cost of their services, such as a physician, architect, engineer, or lawyer: “You assume we are generalists and that is what you are comparing us with, but we are experts and charge a premium accordingly. If you want experts on the project who will get it right, we are the right fit for your requirement and goal of success.”


How do we deal with this go-to tactic? Distinguish back by showing how the material portions of your position are the same, or sufficient to meet the requirement: “I know you are the best architects in the world, but I just need a plan to rebuild my deck with modern materials that can stand up to the Pacific Northwest climate.”

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