If you think it’s too bold to say that every interaction is some kind of negotiation, chances are you’re not doing it quite right. 

Which is a shame, because negotiation is a remarkably efficient way of getting your needs met. IF you know what you’re doing

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a procurement deal, merger, business dissolution, new employee agreement, or if you’re talking to your spouse about vacation locales or your kids about chore wheels, or your siblings about the best way to care for mom and dad. 

Being persuasive and negotiating well is how you’ll ensure not only your own best interest but that of the most people possible.

A Few of The Benefits You’ll Notice is How You’ll: 

  • Save time.
  • Make money and generate value.
  • Ensure the longevity of important relationships and secure the prestigious reputation of always being able to bring just a little bit more value added.

How Do You Become an Excellent Negotiator? 

You can consume content passively – podcasts, YouTube negotiation experts, and the like…  

You could read a book or two on the topic. We recommend 161 Negotiation Tactics, of course. Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss, Negotiation Genius by Max H Bazerman and Deepak Malhotra, and The Like Switch by Jack Schafer are a few other favorites. 

What makes the biggest impact is practice.

If you never negotiate on purpose, you’re not going to get very good at negotiating. 


You can practice at work – you’ve no choice sometimes, so off you go. Settling disputes with employees, or navigating your procurement process with a new vendor.

Good luck!

The stakes might be uncomfortably high, should things start to go sideways. Are you sure you’re prepared before you walk into the room? Do you have your contingency plan should unexpected information come up? What do you do if things start to escalate? Are you prepared to lose thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more? Likely not an ideal scenario.

Meanwhile, home is a great place to practice your negotiation skills. Particularly the uniquely challenging skill of negotiating while dealing with big emotions. Family and friends have a special gift of knowing precisely the levers to pull to yank us right out of ‘cool calm and collected’ and into … infuriated? Livid? You understand I’m sure.

Of course, these negotiations are high stakes, but for entirely different reasons… 

Meanwhile, there’s a third, preferable place to practice: in a controlled environment with a professional to give you immediate feedback. 

Enter the Negotiation Dojo


By preparing, practicing, and developing a sense of context when the stakes are low, you can prepare for when the stakes are high. Similarly to martial arts (hence Negotiation Dojo), to be successful in negotiation you must develop – through embodied practice – a reservoir of skills that you can isolate, combine, and shuffle based on the situation. 

In the Negotiation Dojo, you’ll get the opportunity for hands-on, low stakes practice in common, real-world negotiation situations: 

  • Salary negotiation, 
  • Buying a car, 
  • Contract disputes, both professional and personal, 
  • Dealing with authority figures,
  • And more… 

To ensure an exceptional experience, seats are limited to 10. Apply to join today