Negotiation DoJo™

By The Persuasion Lab

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Martial arts embrace the concept of training for physical conflict by developing a large reservoir of small skills that stack and work together after years of practice.  This is done by practicing the moves that counter an offense. 

Negotiation, influence, and persuasion are how we avoid physical conflict and communicate our needs to the world. How effective we are at those skills determines if, in fact, our needs are met. The Negotiation Dojo is a private peer negotiation practice group brought to you by Negotiation Strategist Research, Inc. (NSR) that meets once monthly to practice, drill, and role-play members’ critical negotiations. Includes materials and coaching.

Here is what our pilot program attendees had to say bout the experience:

  • “I saw [negotiation] in action, I did the negotiation and experienced the power. A relaxed and comfortable way to learn negotiation incorporating humor and storytelling.” ~Scott
  • “Drilling was particularly good, I did not think I would learn as much as I did [as a highly experienced negotiator], looking forward to series.” ~ Ethan
  • “The empathy thing was interesting and unexpected. Wanted to run through the negotiation but instruction was about mastering the opener, and it stuck.” ~ Dave
  • “Shows how negotiators can be on the same page. The mixed cohort helped me see the negotiation through the other perspectives. Breaking it down [reduced negotiation] anxiety.” ~Aron

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