Ego Appeal

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Appealing to the ego is a tactic that many of us use frequently without even realizing it. Complimenting is polite, but when it goes too far, things may not be as upfront as they appear. This is more than flattery as it requires an understanding of what motivates the other person, venturing a “read” into their mind. This tactic can be risky if used on the very self-aware, but may be useful on those who have an air of vanity. It can be perceived as either complimentary or sycophantic, but it works.


An example is someone saying, “You are important in this town and are well respected, so we are offering you a low price on this gadget.”


To deal with this tactic, be self-aware. Check your ego and look at the deal without you in it. If used ad nauseum, call the person on it.

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