Impasse 2 – No

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The party simply says “no” to things that are important to the deal. They will not participate in problem solving or employ creativity. This is well-documented in many elements of Ury’s “Getting Past No[iv].”


We see the “No” impasse when tension comes to a crescendo. Folded arms, looking down, shutting down or verbal resistance makes this unmistakable.


To handle this tactic: 1. Don’t react – take a break 2. Refocus on where you want to be by removing personalities and focusing on the issue 3. Feel their pain by defusing emotions. Listen and acknowledge legitimacy (“What I hear/sense is ____. I acknowledge you feel that way.”) 4. Reframe their position and ask open-ended questions 5. Map how it is within their interests to come your way 6. Don’t escalate tension. Remind them of consequences and focus on the process of negotiation.

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