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This tactic is used to get someone to accept something they don’t want, simply because everyone else is doing it. You must assert reasons why that will not work. “Everybody else is doing it in the industry, so you should too,” is the approach. This is socially powerful, as there is safety in numbers; Dr. Robert Cialdini’s “social proof” concept comes to bear[ii]. Innovative thought and creativity must be used to differentiate your situation.


Negotiator 1: “Alimony is half the duration of the marriage. That is the standard in the divorce industrial complex.” Negotiator 2: “He is getting the house, so alimony is out of the question. She will not pay alimony.”


Distinguish why your situation is different and why industry standards do not apply to your case. Do the “industry standards” being argued even exist, and are they widely accepted? Be sure to cite the anomalies when reaching an agreement.

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