Justification Inquiry

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This tactic is intended to get into the person’s head and force them to defend themselves. It makes them provide information on their position. The request is made with the intention of creating doubt. It is also used at closings to nudge the close towards the person using it. Being on the defensive is a weak position. If you find yourself serially being on the defensive, this may be a pattern to wear down your confidence. This personal tactic works by making one party justify why they are there. It removes post-purchase or sale dissonance, as the defending party has explained their position on an active participatory level instead of an impassive level where they feel “sold.”


An example is when someone asks, “How do you justify the price?” This move results in pure defensiveness from the seller. A more sophisticated approach is to ask for a justification where people close on themselves. In that case, they must tell themselves the deal is worthy, and the person requesting the justification is the trigger. For example, the seller of a business may ask, “How do you justify the purchase of my business?” The target of this must close the transaction on her own, intellectually and emotionally.


The best way is to answer at a general level, not a specific one. Do not go into the weeds as the devil is in the details, and these inquiries will leave you on the defensive running down the labyrinth of frustration.

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