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The Up-Sell is seen most often when a purchaser is persuaded to buy more, bigger, and better. It is used to add on to the base purchase, as we are more likely to buy from a vendor after we have bought something from them initially.


One example is the “do you want fries with that?” line from the Add-On tactic. However, the Up-Sell is generally distinguished by an order of magnitude. “I see you looking at the Armani at $1,000, for just a bit more at $3,000 you can have a much more durable and stylish Zegna.” Or, “I know you like the Toyota Corolla, but the Camry Hybrid has so much more to offer.” We are familiar with the product up-sell, but it can apply to services as well. Consider the following: Telecom Company: “I see you are over your data plan this month, we can double your data for only a little extra over what you are paying now.” Consumer: “I never go over my data plan, and have not done for the previous 12 months.”Telecom Company: “But if you look at the trend, you are using more and more each month, and you will get charged $20 per gigabyte over.”Consumer: “Well, I guess I can go do that.” Consumer Alternative: “I can manage my usage better, and $20 is nothing compared to an annuity for your company.”


To handle an upsell, get Zen. Less is more. Create, do not consume. Stick to a strategy based on your needs and requirements, not your fantasies. No upsell will bring you to self-actualization. And do not hesitate to simply say, “No, thank you.”

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