Which strikes you as the preferred situation? 

Walk away from the negotiation table, signed contract in hand feeling “ugh, thank GOD that’s over – we managed to get to the end, and no one’s really happy, so that must mean we did it right.” 


Walk away from the negotiation table, signed contract in hand, hearing “You know, that was really a much better experience than we expected. And a much better deal than we thought possible! Look forward to doing business with you again!” and feeling “YES! That was a great time, and we didn’t leave any money on the table.” 

Of course, you want to be the hero of that second scenario, having built up your reputation as a straight shooter focused on maximizing value for all parties present. 

This is what we like to call excellence in negotiation, and it’s well within your reach. What follows are seven key steps – from prep to closing – that will ensure you’re creating value and maintaining great working relationships with your negotiation counterparts. 

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